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“The mission of the Last Call Foundation is to provide funding, education and research to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community.”

Since the Back Bay fire, many people have asked how to help, not just our family, but all the Boston firefighters who tried so desperately to save Michael. By establishing the Last Call Foundation we hope to inform the public, and gather the financial support needed for research, development, implementation and deployment of the best available safety equipment and protocols to support our firefighters.

More about our cause

Fund Transformation

Through research, identify gaps in safety equipment being used by firefighters every day, such as fire hose. Push for innovation and new safety and compliance standards.
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Fund Cancer Awareness and Prevention Education

Firefighter cancer statistics are far worse than we knew. Cancer is a leading cause of death for America’s firefighters. Cancer caused 60% of line-of-duty deaths for career firefighters between 2002-2014, according to International Association of Fire Fighters data. For Boston Firefighters the statistics are even more startling: 67% of their line-of-duty deaths were caused by cancer during the same period.

Help expand the successful Boston-based Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program statewide.

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Fund new industrial washers for every firehouse in Boston

Firefighters rely on their gear to protect them from poisonous contaminants and carcinogens. One of the keys to limiting a firefighter’s exposure to such hazards is proper decontamination of soiled gear.
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