Foundation History

Michael Kennedy March 26 Fire

“On the afternoon of March 26, 2014, in Boston’s Back Bay, I lost my beloved son, Michael Kennedy in the nine-alarm fire in a town house on Beacon Street. Michael was a much loved and respected member of the Boston Fire Department for which he ultimately gave his life. In the wake of this horrible tragedy Michael’s family, friends, brother firefighters and I were sustained by the thousands of people who reached out to help us work through the pain of this profound loss. Boston Firefighters March 26 Fire Since the Back Bay tragedy, many people have asked how to help, not just our family, but all the Boston firefighters who tried so desperately to save Michael after his brother firefighters took him out of that burning building. The Last Call Foundation is a continuation of the best and most admirable of Michael’s character and qualities. Our generous donors are carrying on and paying forward Michael’s spirit of giving. Working together we will effect safety changes for firefighters everywhere. We cannot allow that tragic fire to end the spirit and impact of Michael Kennedy. Please consider donating to this vitally important cause. Thank you for your condolences, caring and support. – kathysig