Our Programs and Goals

The Last Call Foundation continuously works with the Boston Fire Department and other organizations in support of addressing the health, wellness and safety issues firefighters face. The organization works to ensure that the necessary resources are available to fire departments, with an emphasis on the Boston Fire Department, to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community. We are committed to enhancing the ability of our dedicated firefighting professionals to effectively and safely fight fires and protect the public.

Learn about our current programs below.

Funding new industrial washers for every firehouse in Boston.

Firefighters rely on their gear to protect them from poisonous contaminants and carcinogens. One of the keys to limiting a firefighter’s exposure to such hazards is proper decontamination of soiled gear.


Fund transformation in fire hose.

Through research, identify gaps in safety equipment being used by firefighters every day, such as fire hose. Push for innovation and new safety and compliance standards.


Funding cancer education for the firefighting community.

Over the course of their career, 60 percent of firefighters will face a cancer diagnosis. In Boston, that number increases to 67 percent.

Expand the successful Boston-based Cancer Awareness and Prevention Program statewide.