Fund Transformation

Fund the research to transform fire hose.


Research, education, and collaboration are critical to enhancing the safety and wellbeing of Boston firefighters and our community.  The public is safer when the heroic firefighters responding to their alarms are safer.

To date, the Last Call Foundation has granted the Worcester Polytechnic Institute $75,000 to fund the discovery phase of their project to develop a Next Generation Fire Attack Hose that is fire resistant and meets the diverse needs of the fire service during fire ground operations.

The long-term goal is to have safe, reliable fire attack hose in the hands of each and every firefighter so that firefighters can trust in and rely on the hose – their lifeline.

Firefighter Michael Kennedy’s hose burned through, preventing the delivery of water in a time of critical need.  Unfortunately, this happens more often than anyone realized before WPI began their research.
The discovery phase conducted by WPI continues to generate useful insights for the development of a fire resistant, next generation fire attack hose. We are eagerly awaiting the complete results from this phase and anticipate receiving them in the coming months.


Fund Fire Hose Research

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