Kathy Crosby-Bell to be honored at Mass General’s The 100 Event

Honoree_Badge_Large copyKathy Crosby-Bell knows all too well the hazards firefighters face. Her son, Firefighter Michael Kennedy, died battling the nine-alarm fire in Boston’s Back Bay in March 2014. Since then, Kathy has learned more about the many life-threatening safety issues firefighters face.

Boston Firefighters have two and a half to three times the cancer rate of other city residents. Chronic exposure to heat, smoke, poisonous fumes and toxins, as well as their own protective gear, which is often laden with the residue of these carcinogens, put firefighters at a high risk for developing cancer. Unfortunately, the gear meant to protect firefighters can often expose them to potentially life-threatening carcinogens.

To address these perils, Kathy’s Last Call Foundation, established as a tribute to Michael, has undertaken an initiative to fund the purchase of industrial washing machines for each of Boston’s thirty-six firehouses. This equipment will enable firefighters to decontaminate soiled gear after responding to contaminant-laden incidents like fires, car accidents and industrial mishaps.

Kathy and the Last Call Foundation’s cancer prevention initiative help protect Boston firefighters from hidden harm while they keep our community safe.

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