The Job

The Last Call Foundation is honored to receive the proceeds from the song The Job by Turquoise Willie. Please see below for a description of the song and a bio of Turquoise Willie. Download the song to help support us in our mission of protecting Firefighters.

Over the last several years we have spent time traveling around the country performing from coast to coast. During our time we have gotten to know many first responders and have to become quite close. Thanks to these friendships we have been given a glimpse into their lives and the sacrifices they make every day without question. There have been several tribute songs written throughout the years, but we wanted to take their stories and connect them into a piece of work that acts almost as a mission statement to convey the pride and camaraderie that exists in this international fraternity.

The job is an inspired work of art that was created by Turquoise Willie after several visits to various firehouses, and discussions with Fire Service members across the country both active and retired. The idea was to take the different perspectives and present them with a melody in a way to evoke a sense of pride. We took time to find common threads between active and retired fire service members in order to connect this timeless profession. Although “The Job” was written and initially inspired by Fire Fighters, we quickly realized and want to recognize both law enforcement and military as a part of this family tree we like to call “The Job”.

It has been our honor to travel to several different events since writing this song, and to be welcomed in by first responders in their respective cities.  It has been quite humbling to hear their reactions to the song.

We’d like to send a special thanks out to The Bottoms in Nashville for having us over that first night and getting this whole thing started. We would also like to thank all of our close friends in the Fire Service and Law Enforcement from Portland Maine to the California coast and finally the F.O.T.W. for being there from the beginning. Thank you for your friendship, inspiration and the endless amounts of energy you give everyday, without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

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The Job

Turquoise Willie is a Southern Soul Revival band inspired by the classic Memphis stax era and Muscle Shoals recordings of the early 1960’s. The band has spent the last several years traveling North America from coast to coast performing in support of various artists for more than a decade. After many years of supporting the music of so many others they decided it was time for them to begin a new journey forward, and assemble a timeless assortment of music that could be enjoyed by music fans of all ages. TW’s mission statement on writing and performing is that music should leave listeners with a smile on their face, and always wanting more.

“We always wanted to make feel good music that reminded everyone its ok smile, and move a little bit at the same time, much like the iconic records that shaped our musical lives did for us”. (Turquoise Willie)

The Nashville based band is currently putting its finishing touches on their forthcoming debut album, due out later this fall on Dojo Records. The idea behind the production of this record has been to stay as true to the times of the music as possible, by paying homage to their musical influences, and bringing the audience something that feels brand new at the same time.

Currently Turquoise Willie is supporting their single “The Job” courtesy of Dojo Records. Although the group categorizes their brand of music as Southern Soul revival, the band took time to step outside of the lines of musical genre assignments, and put together a piece of art dedicated to all the First Responders all across the world, and let their collection of inspirations be heard in a song that can not be classified under any specific genre. “The Job” stands on its own and tells a story that unifies the collective works of those who put the livelihood of their own communities and country in a better place for wellbeing of all citizens throughout the world.


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